Luftwaffe above Ireland.

HORGAN, Justin ; CUMMINS, Paddy : Luftwaffe Eagles over Ireland. Horgan Press, 2016. 340 p.


As I had seen this book quoted several times on some forums, and the exotic side of the subject. I had already read a book about Irish military aviation (O’MALLEY, Michael C. Military Aviation in Ireland: 1921-1945). So, I admit to being slightly attracted by this book.

In the end, after reading, I am very annoyed, because the book finally did not interest me, and I think reselling it. I am annoyed because the book is of high quality. A beautiful paper, full of illustrations (documents of the different aviators concerned, extract of the Irish reports of the time or ORB of the Squadrons of the RAF, extract of the press, nice photos of the current places of “crashes and landings” , A very nice presentation (except, the text not justified, it is ugly for the eyes).
The text is made up of about 20 chapters, each of which tells the story of one of these German planes (if I understand correctly, not all of them are presented when the information is almost non-existent). Generally speaking, there were quite a few details about the German aircraft flight, RAF events when there was an interception, the landing in Ireland and the event chain until the internment ). Again, I have no criticism, it is very complete and perfectly illustrated.

But, I absolutely did not hang on the book, and I quickly turned the last chapters looking at the pictures.

I regretted the small number of testimonies that the German airmen or the Irish in contact with them. I would have liked to know more about the living conditions in the internment camp (despite the testimony of one of these Germans with conditions that seem to have been very pleasant), as well as to know more about the relations with the Irish population. The author also briefly presents the different means of observation and observation in Ireland, but I would have liked to learn more about the organization set up to manage neutrality. Ultimately, information that probably does not correspond to the title of the book and its purpose.

In any case, even if I have not really hung on reading, the book is of high quality both in form and substance, and it will probably interest other people (I probably did not Enough thought before buying).

The book is available for purchase directly on the author’s website:

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